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Corsica walking holiday : the best trails from Corte to Porto by the sea

Corsica walking holiday : the best trails from Corte to Porto by the sea


Corsica is a mountain in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea,  famed for its natural beauty, its wilderness and exceptional environment : a harmonious blend of sandy beaches and jagged coastline gradually turning into mountains as you enter the centre of this incredible island, nicknamed the “Ile de Beauté” – island of beauty. 

On this itinerary, you explore and discover, by foot, some of the most amazing Corsican landscapes, as you will be starting your hiking holidays in Corte, a city of incredible heritage in Corsican history - located at the heart of this island - not too far from its highest peak, the Monte Cinto. You will gradually walk down to the sea, and finally get to the village of Porto (municipality of Ota) and enjoy its sweet quality of life, a melting pot of Genovese history, incredible views of the mountains and extraordinary turquoise sea. Corsica is an exceptional holiday destination for hike lovers, so you will definitely be in for a treat! 

Note : If you suffer from severe fear of heights, make sure to contact us to get more information about it

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  • Walk options from Moderate to Challenging
  • Strolling through Corte, the historic capital surrounded by mountain peaks   
  • Follow trails to blue mountain lakes, glittering natural pools and shepherds’ huts
  • Hiking through chestnut forests
  • Piana : one of the most beautiful villages of France
  • Girolata small fishermen’s village accessible only by foot or boat
  • Calanches of Piana (classified by Unesco): the famous coves and spooky pink granite rocky formations
  • Walk on an ancient mule path high above the sea, with fantastic views
  • Descend & swim in the emerald colored waters of of the Restonica gorge and the Spelunca Gorge 
  • Swimming on sandy secluded beaches
  • 2 picnics included

Day 1

Your arrival in Corte


  • Corte
  • Arrival on your own in Corte. Night in Corte

  • ACCESS to Corte: 
    . Airport : regular flights and low-cost airlines to Corsica from Paris, Nice or Marseille. Land in Calvi or Ajaccio or Bastia
    . Corsica ferry : regular ferry from Nice and Marseille
    . Train : trains from Bastia and Ajaccio to Corte : find link here.  

  • We recommend : spend an extra night in Corte and wander through the quaint streets of this city built around its citadelle. Located in the heartland of Corsica and surrounded by impressive mountains, Corte is an authentic and unique city that was, formerly the cultural and administrative capital city of this island. A must-see!

Day 2

    • Distance :
    • 12 km
    • Elevation :
    • + 350m
      - 350m

Corte and the Tavignano gorges

tavignano hike+ Corsica walk

  • Picnic included
  • Corte > Tavignano Gorges > Corte  (4 hours , 7.4miles)
  • The walk: . It’s a stunning walk, remaining in the Tavignano valley, and following the Mare a Mare path that crosses the width of Corsica. 
  • OPTION 1 - Moderate - 12km - 4h - +350m / -350m
    You leave by foot from the village of Corte, before heading out on your hike. You’re in the heart of the wilderness as soon as you leave the centre of Corte. The path is always easy underfoot, easy to follow, and cobbled most of the way. There are no steep climbs or descents, and the route follows the Mare a Mare path above the left bank of the Tavignano river before entering the high mountains. As you penetrate further into the gorge, the scenery becomes more and more dramatic. Reaching the Russulino footbridge, you can enjoy a picnic and a swim in the natural pools before returning along the same path.
  • OPTION 2 - Challenging 
    For the most ambitious of hikers, you can continue along the path as long as you wish .. in the direction of the "A Sega refuge" ( some five and a half hours beyond Corte on this path..)
  • Night in Corte. 

Day 3

    • Distance :
    • 4 km
    • Elevation :
    • + 330m
      - 330m

Grotelle and Melo Lake walk

Melo lake hike + corsica trip + hike corsica

  • Picnic included
  • Bergerie Grotelle > Lake Melo > Bergerie Grotelle (  2 hours 30 - 2.5 miles)
  • The walk: ·  you have some steep and rocky sections, including one short and easy chain and ladder section to access Lac de Melo, and a longer and steeper chain section (though still relatively easy) nearing Lac de Capitello.  
  • Important: It is worthwhile to begin the hike early in the morning to avoid the crowds, and enjoy the stillness of the lakes. If starting early enough, you can eventually enjoy lunch in one of the two “bergeries” - sheepfold, 30 minutes before the end, or at the end itself.
  • OPTION 1 - Moderate - Melo Lake - 4km - 2h30 - +330m / -330m
    Short transfer (30min) to the start of your walk. The walk begins at 1 370 meters in altitude, at the Bergerie de la Grotelle (known for their charcuteries…). The walk climbs steadily up the valley on a rocky path to the first lake: Lac di Melo. A peaceful, with lots of places to enjoy a break or picnic lunch. Walk back to the Bergerie of Grotelle.
  • OPTION 2 - Challenging - Melo + Capitello lakes - 6.5 km - 4h - +550m / -550m
    With a little more effort, you can continue climbing up to the second mountain lake: Lac de Capitello, possibly even more majestic, it’s cliffs soaring vertically towards the skies, perfectly reflected in its still waters. It’s a sort-of-out-and-back walk, with a small variation on your return from Lac de Melo, on the right bank of the river.      
  • Transfer back to Corte
  • Night in Corte

Day 4

Free day in Corte and Porto

Corsica walk + corsica walking holidays

  • Today you have to arrange your transfer from Corte to Porto (not included) . You have two options: 
  • Option 1 – Direct transfer with no hike (not included) 
    To get to Porto you can either :
    . take the train from Corte to Ajaccio and take a bus from Ajaccio to Porto. Schedule here.
    . Or take a taxi : 2-hour-ride to get to Porto. Price: from 210 to 290 €uros
    . and enjoy Porto and the seaside ! 
  • Option 2 – Moderate walk (start La Chatagneraie) on the way down to Porto (not included) 
    Transfer from Corte to La Chataigneraie (1h45) that is located on the road to Porto
    . Moderate walk La Chataigneraie (chestnut) > Evisa  ( 9km - 3h30, +50m/-600m)
    . The walk begins in the chestnut forest: a 15-minute walk into Evisa. From Evisa you plunge down 600m in altitude on a winding, cobbled path to the otherworldly Spelunca gorge, where natural pools and centuries-old Genoese bridges await your visit. Take the time to rest by the waters and restore some energy before climbing under the shade of olive trees and into the village of Ota. 
    . Transfer from Ota to Porto. . Contact us if you are interested. 
  • Night in Porto by the seaside 

  • We recommend : plan an extra night in Porto ! Your hotel is located by the seaside. You will enjoy having a relaxing day by the Med sea between your hikes ..

Day 5

    • Distance :
    • 10km
    • Elevation :
    • + 500m
      - 475m

The Calanche di Piana: a world heritage site

Piana calanche + best hikes corsica

  • Piana > Calanche de Piana > Piana (4 hours - 6.2miles)
  • The walk : The walk takes you inland on a rugged track though the forested valley, climbing steadily and steeply. 
  • Option 1 -  Moderate - 10km - 4h - +500m / -475m
    Starting in the village of Piana, take the time to explore the village before setting off on your hike: Piana is listed among the most beautiful villages in France. You walk onto an ancient mule path that hovers high above the sea, with fantastic views of the granite pinnacles of the Calanches de Piana, the coastline is at its most spectacular: blood-red stone pinnacles jutting out of the sea and soaring hundreds of meters into the skies, creating a chaos of giant granite structures carved by the waters and the winds. Your hike goes through the heart of these structures, called the Calanches de Piana. 
  • Option 2 -  Challenging - Capu d'Orto - 15km - 6h - +900m / -875m
    For those who would like to reach the summit Capu d’Orto, the forest quickly gives way to bare rock, and it isn’t long before spectacular sea vistas open. A steep and sun-exposed climb to the summit is rewarded by awe-inspiring 360° views, including much of Corsica’s west coast. At 1300m in altitude and only 3km from the coastline, Capu d’Orto is one of the best vantage spots on the entire island. Not all is lost if you choose not to complete the out-and-back to Capu d’Orto: our return journey remains on a scenic crest with sea views and then enters a centuries-old chestnut forest.
  • Transfer from the end of your walk - restaurant/café there - back to Porto.
  • Night in Porto, a few steps from the seaside

Day 6

    • Distance :
    • 9km
    • Elevation :
    • + 50m
      - 600m

Girolata walk: a hike along the coastline

adventure trip corsica + corsica hike

  • Col de la Croix pass > Girolata > Col de la Croix pass (4 hours - 5.5miles )
  • The walk: From the Col de la Croix pass, at just over 200m, you descend gradually on a partially shaded path that follows the coastline. This is the "Sentier du Facteur", the path that Guy, the mailman, used every day to deliver the mail to Girolata, a village only accessible by foot or by boat.
  • Transfer to the start of your walk.
  • Option 1 - Challenging - Curzo > Col de la Croix > Girolata - 17km, 6h, +150/-1300m
    The full walk from the village of Curzo takes you on a steep climb up to a stunning ridgeline from where much of Corsica’s western coastline is at your feet. You descend the ridgeline in question to the Col de la Croix road pass, where the "Moderate level" walk begins. The initial climb from the village of Curzo up to the crest is steep and sun-exposed.   
  • Option 2 - Moderate - Col de la Croix > Girolata - 9km, 4h, +50/-600m
    The walk takes you on the famed "sentier du facteur" – literally the “mailman’s path” – the path Guy the mailman took every day to deliver the mail to the village of Girolata, lost in time, only accessible by foot or by boat. At the remote Tuara beach you can take a secluded dip before taking a path etched into the rocky coastline to Girolata. Plenty of restaurants there, and a second great swim in the Med sea ! You return to Tuara beach in a loop via the "Mare e Monti" trail (another dip!) and then retrace your steps up to the Col de la Croix, start of your walk
  • Transfer back to Porto
  • Night in Porto

Day 7

Bye bye Corsica!

corsica + visit corsica

  • End of your trip after breakfast in Porto. Bye Bye Corsica ...

  • RETURN from Porto:
    . Train : Corte > Calvi or Corte > Bastia or Corte > Ajaccio  - Schedules here.
    . Bus Porto > Ajaccio (2 hours 10) - Schedules 
    . Airport  : regular flights and low-cost airlines from Calvi, Ajaccio, Bastia to Paris, Nice or Marseille  
    . Corsica ferry : regular ferry to Nice and Marseille

  • If you want to experience the rest of Corsica, continue onwards to Calvi. We can propose you some beautiful extra walks ! 
    - The rates are per person, based on a double-bedded room (1 bed) 
    - Sup for a twin-bedded room (2 beds) in some hotels 
  • GUIDED DAY - A fixed rate: the price is the same from 1 to 4 participants with one guide 
     The rate for the guided day remains the same no matter if you are 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 persons 
  • BOTH are subject to availability
  • Go to the TRIP INFO section below :
    - to check the minimum person BASIS of this trip
    - to check the single room ( 1 pers. ) supplement
    - if you're travelling SOLO: please contact us

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    • Unavailable
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    • Medium + 50€

Choose your level of comfort according to your wish & budget !

> For a single room ( 1 pers. ) a single supplement will be charged
> See in our TRIP INFO section
> Keep in mind that your trip is always subject to availability

  • Hotel du Nord *** - Corte

    Hotel du Nord *** - Corte

    Ideally located in the heart of the city, Hôtel du Nord is the oldest hotel in Corte, recently renovated.

    Located on the main street of Corte, Hôtel du Nord is just a few minutes from the famous valleys of Tavignanu and Restonica. The Corsican Museum, the Citadelle and train station are also close by. 

  • Hotel Ideal ** - Porto

    Hotel Ideal ** - Porto

    Located in the heart of the village of Porto, the Hotel Ideal is located at 10 minutes walking from the beach.
    The hotel has a beautiful view on the Gulf of Porto and its Genovese towers.
    You will enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and the air-conditioned rooms with views on the sea or mountains.

  • Hotel Duc de Padoue *** - Corte

    Hotel Duc de Padoue *** - Corte

    The Hotel Duc de Padue is a comfort hotel, located in the heart of the city of Corte Citadel. You will enjoy the warm welcome. 

  • Hotel Kalliste *** - Porto

    Hotel Kalliste *** - Porto

    Located in the heart of Piana, by the sea and just 200 metres from creeks of Piana, the Hotel Kalliste is a 3* hotel with a great panoramic outdoor swimming pool.

    You will enjoy its terrace and garden, and its on-site bar overlooking the gulf of Porto and its genovese tower.

  • Hotel Si Mea *** - Corte

    Hotel Si Mea *** - Corte

    The Hotel Si Mea is a 3 stars mansion house, from the 30's, unique for its architecture, located at 10 minutes walk from the town center.

    You will enjoy the swimming pool, and the breathtaking view on the two valleys Restonica and Tavignano and on Corte and its citadel.

  • Hotel Costa Rossa *** - Porto

    Hotel Costa Rossa *** - Porto

    The hotel Costa Rossa is a 3* hotel located 300 m from Porto costal town centre, and 700 m from Porto Beach.
    All rooms have its private terrace with a panoramic view, and equipped with air-conditioning.
    You will enjoy the outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a eucalyptus forest.

The rates are per person, on a 2 pers. basis and subject to availability

  • Most prices are based on a 2-person booking ( with shared accommodation for a hotel)
  • You will be able to select the exact number of traveller(s) when completing your reservation form
  • If you're travelling SOLO : please contact us
CHALLENGING walking option 
  • CHALLENGING walking option 
    On some walks, we give you the possibility to choose a more challenging walk
  • Walking level: It is is suitable only for those with hiking experience on mountainous and jagged terrain. 
    Please be aware that this option is for experienced walkers and the level of difficulty of the itineraries can be strenuous: more distance, more elevation gain and some stages during which certain skills may be required. 
  • if you are interested, please contact us
    You can also refer to our page dedicated to difficulty levels here.
Order your trip's GPS FILES !
  • You can order the GPS FILES of your cycling trip
  • So you can track every turn and mile you pedal using your smartphone or your own GPS device .
  • Sup of 25 €uros
  • IMPORTANT : select just 1 GPS fee for 1 traveller
Repatriation insurance - 1 week trip
  • Repatriation insurance : applicable for all clients visiting the Europe-Schengen region that includes France
  • Rate : for a maximum trip of 1 week = 7 days
    Supplement for a trip above 7 days
  • See the insurance contract here 

TRIP rates 

The rates are per person

  • on a 2 pers. minimum reservation basis ( shared room)
  • and subject to availability


  • 6 nights double occupancy with private facilities
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 2 picnics
  • Day 3: transfer from Corte to the start of your walk - back and forth(
  • Day 5: transfer from Porto to the start of your walk
  • Day 5: transfer from the end of your walk to Porto
  • Day 6: transfer from Porto to the start of your walk
  • Day 6: transfer from the end of your walk to Porto
  • Our Road Book with detailed walking itineraries, and integrated maps
  • 1 road map of the region
  • 7/7 phone assistance 


  • Transportation to your Corte /  from Porto
  • Day 4: transport from Corte to Porto
  • All lunches & dinners not noted-included in your itinerary
  • Entrance fees into museums, insurance, drinks
  • Items of personal nature

  • SINGLE supplement
    Simple accommodation : 290€uros
    Comfort accommodation : 380€uros
    Charming accommodation : 490€uros
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