The Provence specialists | As a couple, family or small group , discover Provence !
How to choose your trip
The Provence specialists | As a couple, family or small group , discover Provence !
The Provence specialists | As a couple, family or small group , discover Provence !
How to choose your trip
The Provence specialists | As a couple, family or small group , discover Provence !
The Provence specialists | As a couple, family or small group , discover Provence !
How to choose your trip
The Provence specialists | As a couple, family or small group , discover Provence !
Our guides

Our guides

the highlight & the key of your trip !

Professional & passionate guides

  • A French and English speaking professional guide (AMM French license) chosen for his/her experience, training and good sense of humour, and fo course,  trained for first aid assistance. 
  • A source of historical and regional information on unknown Provence: flora, fauna, traditions, history of Provence 
  • A faithful companion, always attentive to the little details that make the difference during your stay in Provence. His goal is to create an exceptionally pleasant and worry-free trip for your utmost enjoyment.
  • For our picnics we select fresh and local products. 
  • He/she takes care of the entire logistics of your trip.

They ensure your holiday runs smoothly !

Anne Charlotte - WALKING GUIDE

Life is too short to be boring : which could be penned as Anne Charlotte’s mantra. Her travels have taken her all over the world and she’s worked a number of trades, ranging all the way from denturist to lumberjack, and everything in between. But the one constant has always been her love of nature, growing up with a mountain-guide-of-a-father, and embarking on many treks of her own. As a guide Anne-Charlotte began along the rough trails of Corsica before favouring the rolling hills of Provence. Soft-spoken, attentive, and with a heart of gold, Anne-Charlotte will ensure your Provence experience will be a memorable one. And don’t try to stump her on anything botany-related: it won’t work.


An avid mountain climber, certified paragliding instructor and professional film-maker and writer, Mariska alternates periods of writing with travels, outdoor sports and guiding. In 1984 she joined the Dutch National Everest expedition as a radio reporter and camerawoman, and climbed 150 meters short of the top. The daughter of a Dutch diplomat, Mariska has been steeped in different languages and cultures all her life. Home is currently the South of France, where, between writing and sharing her passions as a guide, she is renovating an old stone house in an abandoned hamlet. 

Pierre - walking guide

Pierre studied at a renowned art school in Paris before joining his brother in his ceramic pottery. Pierre would spend his Friday nights driving his 2CV Citroen 700 km across France to the Alps, for a weekend of extreme climbing, before driving back again for Monday morning eight o' clock. Later in life he decided to leave clay and earthenware for what it was, to take off into the airs. As a certified paragliding instructor he turns his pupils into birds. But he lands from time to time to walk the paths of southern France and share his passion for wild flowers, history, travels and storytelling. As a real Frenchman he speaks two languages: French and English (with a cute accent). Despite his respectable age and greying hair Pierre still has his infatigable youthful energy.


Bernadette grew up in a small village close to Avignon. She studied forestry management in Scotland, and now works as a forest consultant in the Sologne région, neighboring the Châteaux of the Loire. Also a professionnal hiking guide, Bernadette has tackled some of the toughest Alpine treks: usually the harder the better. In her spare time, Bernadette continues to explore the world by foot, while her love of Provence brings her back home several times a year. Along the trails, she'll share her deep understanding of flora and fauna, and the joys of a childhood spent meandering through the villages and landscapes of Provence. Warm at heart and attentive to her groups, Bernadette is a wonderfull travel companion.


Magali grew up in Arles and Beziers, in the south of France. She studied philosophy, art history, and environmental issues and has worked for environmental education centers that offer children and young adults weeklong residential programs. When she’s not leading tours she works as a website translator for a Nepali agency that organizes treks. She has lived throughout France and now resides in Avignon.


Olivier is trained as both a geographer and cartographer, and teaches those subjects to adults and high school students. He’s hiked all over the Alps and also abroad, including South America and Asia. More recently he’s combined his passions for hiking and his expertise in geography and cartography to become a professional guide. He’s passionate about old stones and rural construction, and will acquaint you with the ancient villages and hamlets of Provence. A teacher by trade but nature-lover by heart, Olivier enjoys sharing his experiences in the open air with his guests, whom he always makes feel at home.


Born and raised in Corsica, Alex spent much of his childhood exploring and playing in the mountains with his Corsican family, travelling back and forth from the continent. In 2006 he successfully passed his mountain leader certification and now lives fulltime on the Island of Beauty: he can then explore and play in the mountains professionally. Alex is an amateur photographer, and is keen to share his love of Corsica with his guests. Friendly, outgoing, full of anecdotes, and a fountain of knowledge, Alex is a great travelling companion, not to mention a caring guide.


guided walking tour franceRaised in Provence, Ariane has studied English and Chinese languages, and went to live in China in the Yunnan Province, where she worked as a tour guide on trekking and classical tours from tropical forests to yack meadows. After 12 years, she came back to France and passed the french state diploma to become a professional mountain leader. Today she passionately guides hikes in Provence, the Alps and Corsica. She likes to share what nature offers, specially plants and their many uses, as well as the testimony of human history in the mountain scenery.


Born and raised in Provence, Nicolas loves nature and music. His main job is guitar teacher but his passion for the outdoors pushed him to pursue a second carrer by becoming a qualified guide. He loves sharing his knowledge of botany. Traveling and hiking in himalaya, climbing and skiing in the alps are also part of his mountain passions. Today he successfully manages both careers and enjoys being on the beautiful trails in Provence !


An « electric » blue sky, a spring in the earlier eighties when I was teenager. It’s my first picture, my first felling with Provence.
Few years later I became a hiking and cycling guide.  My first missions took me to the Alps first, then to Massif central : the wild landscapes of Aubrac and Larzac, the deep valleys and naked summits of Cevennes. Then Ireland, another crush, mainly the West coast. And, one day… the memory of this « electric » blue sky…made me come back to Provence where I live now, between Luberon, Mont ventoux, vines, olive trees and lavender fields.